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------ BIO

Blank is the creative practice of independent Art Director & Designer Alexandra Mendes,
devoted to create contemporary visual content, brand communication strategies and design
messages that resonate. Her multi-disciplinary approach is devoted to design strategy,
concept and content development, serving a range of projects across a variety of mediums.

With a BA in Communication Design, her love for the visual arts happened simultaneously
with her love for the written word. Storytelling, through creative writing, brand building,
snapshots and moving images, made her aim to communicate. It’s all about perceiving human
nature and society’s idiosyncrasies to discover what makes it tick, to be able to
visually translate concepts to an audience. Whatever the medium used to express those ideas.

Over the years she has manage private clients and worked collaboratively with various
creative teams, from smaller to bigger structures. Creating concepts, designing graphics,
interpreting briefings, developing pitch proposals, market researchers and meeting with
clients in the international market.
This experience allowed her to have a good overview of the market place. And overall
understand the value of sustainable relationships that go beyond the creative discipline.

Her drive is to seek new paths that lead to discover fresh, challenging design solutions.
Creating provocative messages that are socially relevant and add value to successful
businesses. The aim is to communicate!



IdN Magazine [V22N6, 2016] /
I Love Times [Victionary, 2014] /
Gold & Silver [Victionary, 2013] /
Absolute Stationery Design [Sandu Publishing, 2012] /
[Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz, 2012] /
Slanted Magazine
[Magma Brand Design, 2012] /
Gallery Magazine
[Choi’s Gallery, 2012] /
In Effect
[Dopress, 2012] /
Brand! Vol.4
[ooogo, 2011] /
[Seltmann+Söhne, 2012] /
Color Party
[Dopress, 2011] /
Computer Arts
[PT, Nov 2011] /
[Media Capital, 2004] /
[Esad, 2003]


Eye Spy @ SoSo Café / Dot Mov Digital Film Festival / SAPPORO, JAPAN, 2003
Blank @ Bazaar /
Bazaar Bar-Gallery / PORTO, PT, 2004
Videoroom @ Art Trails /
Fringe Festival / BRIGHTON, UK, 2006
Blank Type @ Typography Meeting / PORTO, PT, 2012


Wanted / Instituto do Design / GUIMARÃES, PT, 2012
Design Express /Universidade de Aveiro / AVEIRO, PT, 2012


Dot Mov / Digital Film Festival / JAPAN
Fest /
International Young Film Festival / PORTUGAL
Némo Festival /
Images Expérimentales Internacionales / FRANCE
Cannes Short Film Corner /
Curtas Vila do Conde /
International Short Film Festival / PORTUGAL
Backup Festival /
New Media in Film / GERMANY
Interfilm /
International Short Film Festival / GERMANY
Clermont Ferrand /
Marché du Film Court / FRANCE
Fantasporto /
Oporto International Film Festival / PORTUGAL
Festival Internacional de Realizadores de Granada /
Tinklay /
International Short Film Festival / LITHUANIA
Mostra Internazionale di Video & Cinema Oltre /
Up And Coming /
International Film Festival / GERMANY
ISFF Lille /
Festival International du Court-Métrage / FRANCE
OllinKan Festival /

------ AWARDS

Dulis / Rebranding Design / CLUBE CRIATIVOS DE PORTUGAL / PT, 2020
Wolf & Son / Branding Design / CLUBE CRIATIVOS DE PORTUGAL / PT, 2016
Eye Spy / Best Experimental Video / FEST / PT, 2004